Below is a short, pictorial history of Protect Monterey County’s grassroots effort to put Measure Z on the ballot and to defend Measure Z. We begin with the most recent events and go backward in time, down memory lane…

2017 Events

Nov 16, 2017 – Measure Z trial ends after 4 days. Judge will render a decision within 90 days. 


Nov 13, 2017 – Measure Z supporters rally outside courthouse just before the trial begins. 


Oct 24, 2017 – Measure Z supporters speak to Supervisors about Measure Z exemption process.


June 7, 2017Monterey County Superior Court Judge sets Measure Z trial for November 13. 


May 3, 2017 – Measure Z supporters at first meeting of the new Monterey Bay Community Power.


March 17, 2017 – PMC wins right to intervene in Big Oil’s lawsuits and help the County defend Measure Z.


March 16 – PMC members urge BLM to halt oil drilling on Federal estates in Monterey County.


Feb thru April, 2017 – Measure Z supporters lobby 12 cities to join Monterey Bay Community Power.


Feb 9, 2017 – PMC members speak at DOGGR hearing against aquifer exemptions in County.


View video of PMC speakers at Feb 9, 2017 DOGGR hearing (click on arrow below)


Jan 24, 2017 – Measure Z supporters urge Monterey Supervisors to implement Measure Z.

2016 Events

Dec 13 2016 – Measure Z supporters rally to urge Supervisors to stand up to oil industry’s lawsuits.


Nov 8, 2017 – Measure Z wins with 56% of the vote. Supporters celebrate on election night.


Nov 5, 2016 – Volunteers prepare GOTV materials at Measure Z office in Salinas.


Nov 4, 2016 – College students host a rally for Measure Z at CSU Monterey Bay.


Oct 28, 2016 — CA Sen. Bill Monning’s TV ad for Measure Z (click on arrow below to view)


Oct 26, 2016 – Musician Michael Franti tweets his support for Measure Z.


Oct 25, 2016 – Actor Leonardo Di Caprio tweets in support of Measure Z.


Oct 22, 2016 – Musician Ruben Albarran of Cafe Tacuba supports Measure Z in a video.


Oct 21, 2016 – Actor Mark Ruffalo tweets for Measure Z & makes a video. (He meant Measure Z, not Prop Z)


Oct 2016 – Measure Z rally in Greenfield.


Oct 9, 2016 – Measure Z supporters take part in Ciclovia bike tour in Salinas.


Oct 4, 2016 – Dolores Huerta speaks in support of Measure Z at Salinas march & rally.


Dolores Huerta’s ad for Measure Z (click on arrow below to view)


Oct 3, 2016 – Dennis Banks (AIM co-founder) leads Water Ceremony by Salinas River to support Measure Z.


Sept 10, 2016 – Salinas Measure Z campaign office opens with a kickoff celebration.


Sept 4, 2016 – Measure Z supporters at Marina’s Labor Day Parade with Connie Condor puppet.


Sept to Nov 8, 2016 – Volunteers canvass door to door for Measure Z.


June 1, 2016 – Bernie Sanders visits Spreckels (south of Salinas) to endorse Measure Z.

 For more about Bernie Sander’s speech, click on links below.

KSBW News report (video) on Bernie Sander’s visit to Spreckels.

Monterey Weekly story about Bernie Sander’s visit to Spreckels.


May 4, 2016 – PMC members submit 16,000 petition signatures to Monterey County Elections Office.


March to April, 2016 – Over 230 volunteers collect signatures to put Measure Z on the ballot.

2015 Events

Nov to Dec, 2015 – Coalition to Protect Monterey County hosts meetings to plan an initiative.